Homemade Baby Food: Pears!


We are at it again! I think I am hooked on making Audrey’s baby food. I love the feeling of giving her healthy homemade baby food! This time we decided to make pears but we didn’t have a steamer so we purchased one at Wal Mart. IMG_7235cIt’s actually pretty nice! (Notice how clean my stove is? SCOUR OFF and H2 baby!!)IMG_7236c

For our first time making these pears we only purchased three. We let them sit for about five days to ripen. Oh my goodness y’all it was hard to resist eating them when we cut the skins off. They were dripping with juicy sweetness…mmmmm. IMG_7239cSo I had my husband do the peeling and cutting. He cut them into chunks and we threw them in the steamer. (The water in the bottom pot was already boiling.) I didn’t pay attention to the clock but just watched the pears to tell if they were mushy enough. IMG_7240cRemove the steamer basket from the boiling water very carefully. I’m such a wuss but I had Hank do that too because there are two things I hate from the kitchen…cuts and burns! IMG_7241cPut the mushy pears in a bowl and mash with a fork. It was THAT easy!IMG_7243cIMG_7245cAnd here is Miss Audrey’s response to pears (with cereal)…IMG_7246c“Hi Mom! I’m busy eating!”

IMG_7247c“MMMMMMmmmmmMMMMMMmmmmmm”IMG_7248c“Give me de pears!!”IMG_7249c“MMMMmmmmmMMMMM!”IMG_7250c“I love de pears Mommeeee!”IMG_7251c

“Mom, if you don’t quit taking pictures so help me…”


The pears were clearly a success! Little Miss Serious loved them!


  1. That's awesome that you make baby food. Looks like baby girl loves it.