Happy 7 Months Audrey Mayne!


Okay so I am technically 5 days late but miss Audrey doesn’t know that! :)

Miss A,

How can I be so happy and so sad at the same time?

Watching you grow and accomplish new things makes my heart SO happy but watching you grow so quickly makes me sad too. AMB7Months

At your last doctor appointment (around 6.5 months) you weighed 17 lbs. I was guessing 18 so I was pretty close. You are wearing size 3 diapers and 6-9 months clothes.

You are rolling over and are able to pull out your arm from underneath you. You are pulling your knees in to crawl but you don’t have enough upper body strength yet. You are sitting up with assistance and ALMOST can sit by yourself. Even though you are not doing what other 7 month old babies are doing I know that you are progressing because your growth is steady. You accomplish new things all the time. IMG_7284c

You love to eat. You SCREAM if you don’t get to eat when YOU are ready. It’s quite amusing because you never really cry except for that. You are now eating home made pears, squash and green beans. You LOVE pears which doesn’t surprise me because they are sweet.

You have started to laugh and it is ADORABLE. For a while you were just giggling and snickering and now it’s turned into laughing and your daddy LOVES to make you smile and laugh. He’s pretty good at it. :) Here is a picture of you and your daddy. I think he thought I was just snapping a picture of you and didn’t realize he was in it. Not smiling. You look so much like your daddy and I think it’s adorable. Although you are missing ONE thing in this picture…a BOW!IMG_7378c

Your temperament is still perfect. You are sweet, happy, and such a blessing. You go with the flow of every day. I’m such a schedule freak-a-zoid but because I am so busy I haven’t really been able to get you on a schedule. You nap when you are tired and you go to sleep around roughly the same time every night. That alone makes the world of difference. If all my future babies would be like you then I would have 20 and be like The Duggars.

It seems like every monthly post I do about you Audrey I say the exact same things.You are a princess and we hope to raise you to love the Lord, love life, and love others.IMG_7386c

You are my sunshine. My 2nd sunshine. You make me happy. When skies are gray. You’ll never know dear. How much I love you. Please don’t take my sunshine away.


  1. Happy 7 Months!! She is just pretty!! :)

  2. Beautiful photos, lady!!! So lovely :)
    I am following you because your blog is just so stinkin cute!
    HOpe you're having a fab day! ox