Things I don’t want to forget


Tryp still uses the cutest words that continually make me smile.

Chap stick is actually “Pap Stick”.

Confetti is “Petti”

Cupcake is “Pop Cake”

{Can we say that it’s clear that he doesn’t quite have the /c/ sound down yet? hehe)

Banana is still “Pee nana”

These are only just a few of them but I don’t want to forget about them so I figured I would type these out now! He has turned into my little secretary. He informs me what we are going to do every day when we get home from school. Yesterday we were going to come home from school “…and practice scissors, do activity book and watch a movie.” I would like to think that he got this from someone else but it’s clearly me. I’ve always been a “planner” and like to let him know what’s happening before it’s going to happen. Well clearly he has figured out how to be my planner. I love that boy. 

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  1. So cute. Isn't it great that you can capture all these special moments on your blog? It's an instant scrapbook.