My Classroom 2011-2012


I have always enjoyed looking at other teachers’ classrooms online and now it’s my turn to share. I don’t have many pictures and they aren’t fabulous because I took them on my phone but here they are. :)

I teach 4th grade in a very very very small and old school. I have beautiful wood floors in my classroom! I took over as the 4th grade teacher at Westview Elementary on November 1st. I replaced another teacher who need to get out of teaching as quickly as possible. (Personal reasons)

The first picture up is a picture of our CAFE board. (If you are a teacher and you have no idea what I’m talking about…check out The Daily 5 and CAFE by Gail Moser and Joan Boushey) The circles are pizza pans that are spray painted and the students place their goal magnet. They have a goal each week. under one of the four headers: Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, and Expanded Vocabulary.)IMG_0652

Next up are the handy dandy pencil sharpeners. You can’t tell from this picture but the blue paper is glitter paper. I LOVE glitter. Love. Love. Love. We have a pencil procedure in our room. Sharpen two at the beginning of the day. If you break both during the day you can put the dull one in the “Sharpen Please” cup and grab one from the “Ready to Write” cup. This means that we don’t hear that annoying pencil sharpener during the day and it doesn’t interrupt teaching or learning. (Although I have found the best and most quiet pencil sharpener EVER…google classroom friendly supplies and it should pop up saying something about home of the quietest pencil sharpener!)IMG_0653

Then we have a picture of our classroom calendar. When students get older you don’t spend time “doing” the calendar so the days are always up and the students have now learned how to “read” a calendar. (Not just looking for the last number that was put on that day…)IMG_0654

I love all the turquoise and polka dots. I believe I got all this cute stuff from Creative Teaching Press. I made my own calendar headers and numbers. I wanted simple and easy to read. The next picture is a picture of our IPICK sign. Courtesy of Cara Carroll at The First Grade Parade.IMG_0656

I love finding great ideas online. The best thing about blogging is that most teachers are doing it and we love to share/borrow/steal ideas! I love our whole group behavior incentive.I have used several cookie sheets in the classroom. I found them at the Dollar Tree for $1.  I found the Brownie Points idea from What the Teacher Wants.To the left of the cookie sheet are the subject headers. I write the students’ goals under each category for that day. IMG_0657

I love organization. In this next picture you will see many things. My students make their lunch choice on the cookie sheet (another spray painted item) and then the Lunch Count helper tallies up the choices and sends the sheet down to the office. We also have a take home filer. Each student has a file and every day the student puts their take home folder in the file and leaves it there until the end of the day. I will file their homework in the files and I also have a student who is the filer. That student files graded work into the files at the end of the day. They have to be pretty trustworthy! ;)IMG_0658

This blurry shot is just a shot of my whole classroom. It’s pretty small but I only have 12 students so it’s perfect for us!IMG_0660

One of my favorite items! I found these baskets in the dollar section at Target. LOVE LOVE LOVE the dollar section at Target! Well I got some blue SOLO cups and each student has their own cup at each table. The charts on the table are the students’ behavior charts. These were working pretty well but I found it difficult to mark their behavior in 3 different spots. So they no longer have these charts but it was worth a shot! IMG_0661

Our individual behavior incentive is called “Sweet Behavior”. The students earn “sweet treats” which are actually those colored fuzzy balls. The students earn so many fuzzies and can then purchase a reward from the Sweet Behavior Catalog. The students get to chose every Thursday afternoon and then get their reward on Friday. All of the rewards are free rewards and I got the idea from First Grader…At Last!IMG_0665

This last picture is the only picture I got of the room before I started tearing down the awful, boring décor. If you even want to call it décor. This is just one of the bulletin boards but the whole classroom was covered in this newspaper print and everything was black and white…not cute black and white…like boring black and white. I am too bubbly and fun and outgoing and I LOVE COLOR! So it had to go but just thought I would share a before. :) Before

I hope you enjoyed a little tour of my room. It looks different now because I have added anchor charts and so much more since November but it’s a little peek into my occupation. ;)


  1. Love it! :) I love the pencil idea. Ready to go and ready to sharpen. I may borrow that for my homework station at home! :) Erin

  2. What a cute little classroom! And small classes are so much more intimate. I bet your kids love you as their teacher!

  3. I loved checking out your blog. Your classroom is adorable. My very first teaching job, I taught in an old school with hard wood floors. It was so neat--and loud!

  4. I'm a new follower! I love how organized and cozy your classroom looks. The color scheme is very appealing!