Homemade baby food- ALL the details!


As much as we don’t want our little girl to grow up, we were both VERY excited about making homemade baby food. I don’t really know why we decided to make her own food. I think it was the fact that my husband is in love with the food processor. Since Audrey is only 2 weeks away from being 6 months we decided it was time to get started. Now I knew that making your own baby food is the “healthier” option but what I did not realize was how much money I would be saving. {If you are just interested in the benefits and not really curious about how to make it then skip down to the bottom but you might as well read about how we made it because you’ll realize how SUPER easy it is!}

I tried to remember what were the first baby foods that I fed Tryp or the ones that are “recommended” to start with. We set out to Wal-Mart  and picked up some fresh veggies/fruit. We picked up a butternut squash, whole green beans, pears and some frozen peas (our Wal-Mart was out of fresh peas). 

The lady that checked us out at Wal-Mart asked how we were going to cook the squash and my husband told her we were making baby food. She was surprised and asked how we do it.

It was at that point that I realized I had no idea what I was doing.

So I came across a wonderful website: Wholesome Baby Food. Out of all the foods that I had purchased at Wal-Mart it seemed that the best one to start with (out of what I purchased) was butternut squash. I followed the basic steps listed on that website. IMG_7009c

1. Cut the squash in half and remove the seeds.

(I really stink at using a knife. Period. See below, it’s all kinds of jagged.)IMG_7011c

2. Place “meat” down into a baking pan and add 1 inch of water.

(The 2nd picture below shows the the water if you look closely.)IMG_7012cIMG_7015c

4. Bake for 40 minutes to 1 hour at 400 degrees.

(Look for the squash skin to start puckering-like below.)IMG_7018c

5. Scoop out the “meat” into a processor or blender.

(I’m pretty sure you should wait until it has cooled, I didn’t. I was too impatient. Also, we tried our blender first and it was NOT successful but our handy dandy Black&Decker processor was amazing!)IMG_7017c

6. Puree away. Add water to adjust the how thin or thick it is.

(I used the water left over in the pan that I cooked the squash in. This was suggested by the Wal-Mart check out lady, she said the water would contain a lot of the nutrients. So that’s what I did but that only went so far so I used bottled water also. You can see in the first 2 pictures below that it is still pretty chunky and then by the third picture I have gotten it pretty thin.)IMG_7019cIMG_7021cIMG_7027c

7. Pour into ice cube trays.

(We bought trays that have covers from Bed Bath and Beyond. After they are frozen you can transfer them to snack baggies.)IMG_7023cIMG_7024c


The benefits of making your own baby food:

  • Healthy: You know exactly what is in the food you just made. Gerber claims that what is in their baby food is just strictly the veggie/fruit/meat (whatever it may be) and water. How exactly does baby food last so long on the shelves at the stores then? Preservatives. Extra stuff that our babies do not need to consume. :)
  • Cheap: To buy a Gerber 2 pack of Squash is roughly $1.10. That comes with 2 plastic containers of 2.5 oz. each. So a total of 5 oz. for that price. We bought a squash for $2.62.

Gerber: $2.20 for 10 oz..

Homemade: $2.62 for 34 oz..

  • Safe: It’s safer for our babies. I know I’ve heard of times where there will be glass found in food so they recall all the food that has certain ID numbers. There is NO risk at home. Like I said before you know exactly what went in the food. In addition, it’s so much better for our environment. There are not tons of those little plastic containers being made and thrown away and not recycled.

I am not by any means an expert but if you have any questions I would be more than willing to help! :)

Have a good night y’all!


  1. Awesome! I didn't do squash, but have done peas, pumpkin, carrots, bananas, and now blend some of our regular food up and freeze it for convenient use later. I've just used regular ice-cube trays for mine.

  2. I LOVE your new blog design! :) We made Audrey's baby food too and it saved a ton of money and I knew exactly what she was eating. :)

  3. I think I am going to give this a try this go around. It seems so easy! How do you cook/defrost the frozen food before you feed Audrey?

    1. I simply microwave for 30 seconds, stir, and then heat 15 seconds if needed. :) I always check the temperature before feeding and mix really well to make sure there are not any hotspots!