Happy 1/2 Birthday Audrey Mayne!


Has it seriously already been half a year? (July 12, 2011) Time is going so quickly and I can’t do anything to make it slow down.

Miss Audrey,

     You are so precious. I am constantly telling your GG (my mom) how sweet and funny your little personality is. I don’t know if I expected you to be a baby similar to your brother but you are completely different. Your disposition is just…perfect (for the most part).


     You are wearing size 3 diapers. They are still a little big but I would rather them be big than too small. You are outgrowing 3-6 months clothes and as a matter of fact we just went yesterday to buy you all 6 months clothes. It seems like we didn’t prepare for this stage, we had lots of 3 months and 9 months but nothing in the middle. We found some cute outfits at our favorite store, Target.


     You have rolled over maybe 2 or 3 times but you can’t get your arm out from underneath your body so that is still a work in progress. You have also gotten crazy with blowing raspberries. Your face looks as though you are trying to do a #2 but you are really just blowing raspberries.


     You are eating very well. You eat 6 oz. at a time and you love when you have rice cereal in with your formula. We are done to one nursing session right at the start of bedtime. You just nixed the night time and morning feeds last night actually. :( It saddens me but I know that you are growing and that’s important. I tried to feed you some of our homemade baby food but you weren’t too interested yet. It’s a good thing that it stay fresh in the freezer for a LONG time. I know you’ll come around to it before too long.


     Your smile is contagious and you make me giggle. You were worth the bed rest and the uncomfortable sleep. Darlin’ we love you and can’t wait to see you grow even more.

                                                                                             Love You,

                                                                                         Daddy & Mommy (&Tryp too!)


  1. omgoodness! how cuuute is she?! a half year already....slow down time! i cannot believe how much she looks like your hubs! she is presh! LOVE the dress! this chick is ready for vday!!!

  2. hi katie,
    coming over from taylor's blog. yours is so cute, and your sweet girl is precious!!! and i love your son's name! you have a beautiful family! take care! :)

  3. What a cutie!! Happy 6 month Audrey.

  4. I cant believe she is SIX MONTHS. She is absolutely beautiful ;)