Four Wheeling Date Day



Saturday January 14th my husband decided to take a day off from work for our Four Wheeling date. A little background…

My husband and I met on a blind “date” set-up by our friends. We went bowling and that was about it. Our first real date alone was the two of us four wheeling at Mill Creek.

So four wheeling has always been something special for us but also one of our very favorite hobbies!

This trip we went back to Mill Creek (first date site!) and had so much fun. The weather was just about perfect (a bit chilly but not too bad!) and we enjoy going with some of our favorite friends! {The Bumgarners}FourWheeling9

We enjoy getting dirty, getting stuck and winching out. We also enjoy the beautiful scenery. Arkansas really has some beautiful scenery and that is why we are the “Natural State”. FourWheeling1

We can usually spend a whole day riding but of course we make stops and play around! Here is a picture of Shelby being VERY dangerous. We don’t do these type of stunts. FourWheeling2

My husband is the king of winching. He LOVES using the winch and pulling people out of the mud! Here are some pictures of him in action…FourWheeling3FourWheeling4FourWheeling10FourWheeling11

As for me on the other hand…I enjoy just riding. No crazy stunts like winching myself up a huge rock wall. FourWheeling6FourWheeling7

I like riding through the mud pits. And of course if I get stuck then I winch myself out. :)FourWheeling13FourWheeling14

We enjoy riding and viewing all of God’s wonderful creations. Most of the time I stare in awe being blown away by his creations. How amazing is He. FourWheeling5

We love our special days together. Just the two of us.FourWheeling8

Oh and just because…a cute picture of my husband. He’s like a kid playing with his toys! FourWheeling15

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  1. what a fun day! i grew up on a 3wheeler - that's how old i am! ha! and loved it!!! you came upon some beautiful scenery!!!