Formula cans turned into money sorters


Have you ever wondered what to do with those darn formula cans?

I never thought about it much when I had Tryp but now I feel awful just throwing them out. I kept thinking- Can’t they be used for SOMETHING?

Well my friends, I came up with an idea. It’s not a NEW idea but I’m super excited about it! I decided to make Tryp some money sorting cans.

Here’s what you’ll need:

-formula cans (rinsed out and dried off)

-hot glue gun (I guess they don’t have cold glue guns…)

-cute scrapbook paper

-paper cutter

-xacto (sp?) knife



This is the first time I’m really posting a how-to on my blog and I wasn’t very good about taking pictures of each step. Ooops. I’ll make sure to do better when I make the next cans. I will be doing it again soon. You’ll need to measure the height of the can from the bottom or the lip to the top or the top lip. Then measure your paper to that exact length and cut. I thought it was going to be perfect. Well nothing is perfect in life. I should have known better but my paper wasn’t long enough to  wrap the can all the way around. This frustrated me for the fact that I’m Type A and slight OCD (that’s a whole other blog post in the future). I managed to make it through this craft with no serious melt downs. IMG_7034c

You might be able to catch the piece that I had to add in here-the picture below. You can tell because the lines in the plaid paper (bad choice of paper for covering up boo boos) don’t exactly match up. Ooops.IMG_7039c
I went to my computer and typed up the pictures and wording, printed, and cut them to fit my can perfectly. (I like to pretend that everything was perfect…haha) I colored the pennies with a brown crayon to make them look textured and coppery. Did it work? IMG_7045c

I had my handy dandy hubs of mine cut the slot for the pennies. I am TERRIBLE with knives and all things sharp so he was the perfect helper. IMG_7041cIMG_7046cIMG_7050cIMG_7051cIf you are wondering where the rest of the coin cans are…no worries, they will come. I’m a little bit OCD about the fact that they all have to have blue lids now. {to match of course} Here is my little secret, the soy formula cans come with PINK lids. I wanted Tryp to have boyish cans for his shelf so I took the blue lid off of the rice cereal can and replaced it with the pink Similac lid. I think I might go buy three more cans of rice cereal, that’s how serious I am about having blue lids. :) I hope that some of you may be able to make this craft. I know a lot of my “followers” have two kids around the same age as my own. Y’all Enjoy!



  1. What a smart idea!! Love it! Great way to recycle those cans.

  2. There is at least one cold glue gun on the market. I have one. Surprisingly it works very well. Sorry I do not know the name brand of it. I like your idea of sorting the change, but my family thinks coins in cans are to help yourself, so I just put them in cans in the pantry with original label on the can. I told my oldest son that when I die to be sure to check the cans before giving the food away. I love Ovaltine but my kids and grands don't, so guess where my coins are when I need them?