Tryp’s 4th Birthday


Friday December 16th was Tryp’s 4th birthday. I can’t believe it has already been four whole years since he entered this world. Blows my mind how quickly time flies. Tryp had been talking about his birthday forever. Literally forever. He told me he wanted to have a Captain America birthday and then changed his mind a few times and ended back at Captain America. So that’s what I planned for. I would have gone all out and done a lot more but his birthday (and party) was on the last day of school before Christmas break. Things were all kinds of crazy. Despite the craziness, we had his birthday party at a place in Fayetteville called Boingo Bounce. It’s basically a room full of bounce houses and the kids can run wild. :)IMG_6545c

Tryp was so busy that when I wanted to get a picture it was usually faces like that. He didn’t have time to stop and smile, he had some serious playing to do.


IMG_6530cSo glad that Tryp’s cousins Holly and Hailee were able to come and join the fun!

IMG_6533cDaddy bear and Audrey went down one of the slides. I think Audrey was in shock. :)

IMG_6546cUncle Charlie was like a kid in a candy shop at this place. He had just as much fun as the kids!

IMG_6540cI was thrilled that one of my best friends (who is expecting number 2) was able to come and bring her sweet daughter: Addie. She wore herself out. My sweet friend Taylor Johnson came with her mom and her daughter. Unfortunately, none of them wanted to let me take their picture. :( Oh well, next time I’ll get em!


The party details. One of my very good friends Stephanie McFarlin is an awesome baker. Bakeress? The made these amazing cupcakes. Oh. My. Goodness. I think Hank fell in love again. Thanks Stephanie!!! Here you can see the glittery number four. I love glitter and was so thankful to be able to pull it off but I have a feeling that I won’t be able to next year. {Then I get to do it to Audrey…}

IMG_6562cThe birthday boy started to get a little ornery once we sat down to eat and open gifts. He was being a little toot but I know it was because he was clearly worn out. IMG_6563cI was thankful that I caught him in the blowing out moment. It is perfect!

IMG_6565He was so cute opening presents because I loved seeing him get excited about his new toys. {I can’t wait to see him at Christmas!} We managed to get Tryp to sit for a few pictures. One with him and his GG. The other was with me but it turned out super blurry. Oh well. At least this one turned out… :)IMG_6576c

I honestly don’t know if I could ask for a better little boy. He is usually (if he’s not tired) so sweet and polite and funny. What a sweet sweet blessing. I love you Tryper.