New Year’s Resolution


I never really like New Year Resolutions. Why?

Well, generally people make big plans and don’t follow through. I am one of those people. I also think we set too many goals and get overwhelmed.

I am making two resolutions for 2012.  

1. To build a house of love. :)

2. To become healthy and help my family get healthy.

This of course involves several tasks but two goals that I think are attainable.

Most of you may not know that my husband and I don’t even have a house. My sweet darling is the officer on site at the apartments we live in. We get benefits from this of course but we are both ready to have a house of our own to raise our sweet kiddos in.

The other goal…

Honestly, I have always liked to think I’m healthy. I’m not. There are several things I need to do to get this on track. I am going to work harder than ever to help my family and our house become healthy. Wish me luck. ;)

What about you? What are your goals/resolutions for 2012? I’m always curious to see others because they are inspiring. 


Oh and have fun ringing in the new year tonight. :)


  1. I like your simple, attainable goals!! I myself do not set new year resolutions because I always feel like a failure when I don't meet them.

    Happy new year!!

  2. I love your new blog design. Did you use Storybook? Great goals! I think "move to Texas" should be a goal so we can be neighbors and scrapbook together! Happy New Year!