Happy 5 Months Miss Audrey! (2 weeks late)


Dear Audrey,

You are such a sweet baby. You melt mommy and daddy’s hearts daily. We love every single inch of you and love showering you with sugars.IMG_6740c

You are wearing size 6 month clothes and size 2 diapers. You are quite the little chunker. We just switched you to formula during the day and we are still nursing in the evening and at night. It is really just for comfort because you aren’t really hungry. You now drink 6 oz. of formula with rice cereal mixed in. Yum.IMG_6758c

You love your play mat that your Granny got you at our baby shower. You have really discovered all the hanging toys and love to pull on them. You have started squealing with delight and it’s quite cute. You have figured out how to make a sound. It’s VERY high pitched. :) IMG_6763c

I have been enjoying my 2 week vacation from school –“aka” Christmas Break- and spending lots of time with you. You are always smiling but some how manage to stop the second I pull out any type of camera. Don’t worry, I caught a few yesterday on my phone. IMG_6766c

You love when your daddy counts 1…2…3…pppeeeeshhhheeewww and lifts you in the air. You usually start smiling on 1 or 2 because you know it’s coming. Speaking of your daddy, he is so excited to start making your baby food. He’s crazy in love with you AND his food processor. He can’t wait to start blending up foods and freezing them for you. He is so devoted to your well-being and it’s amazing. We couldn’t ask for a better daddy. IMG_6794c

You are sitting up so good! We bought a mamas and papas chair that is similar to a bumbo (but safer?). You can sit in it so well. I was so worried about you reaching certain milestones because you were premature but you have started doing so much in the last month that I have nothing to worry about!! You are reaching and picking up things. You love to stand and hold your weight when we hold you in a standing position. You smile because you are so proud of yourself! IMG_6797c

Last but not least…you are a thumb sucker. My mind keeps telling me that we will have a hard time breaking you of it later (like when you are 2 or 3 years old) ,but my heart melts when I see you put that little chubby finger in your mouth. It’s so cute! You mean the world to me, your daddy and even big brother Tryp. We love you and love watching you grow.




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