Christmas 2011


As a child, Christmas was my favorite holiday. Not because of Santa or the gifts.

It was my favorite because of the way it made me feel.

I remember picking out a real Christmas tree. Oh, that wonderful smell.

I remember the smell of Christmas candles around the house.

I remember decorating the tree. All that annoying tinsel-y stuff that I would never use now. :)

I remember Kenny G’s Christmas album playing (thanks Mom!)

I remember having an advent calendar from my Grandma Claire every year.

All of those things made me enjoy the season, not just the holiday. My goal now is to help my children feel that same feeling as I once felt. I think it will take a little bit of time but I look forward to setting new traditions.

IMG_6908cWe did our big Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve so that Tryp could spend Christmas Day with his dad. So Santa had to come to our house early. Tryp was so excited to open presents. In fact that’s all he wanted to do. He didn’t even want to play with his toys, he just wanted to keep ripping paper off of presents. He also got sad that he didn’t get to see Santa. I explained to him that Santa came while he was asleep but he kept saying he wanted to see him. :)  IMG_6861c

Hank and I really hope that our kids will grow to understand the true meaning of Christmas. Next year I am going to purchase The Truth in the Tinsel. I think Tryp will be old enough to understand it better. Tryp and I wrote a letter to Santa and he told me to tell Santa that he wanted a Lightning McQueen computer. I had never seen or heard of the Lightning McQueen computer but Santa always pulls through.IMG_6863c

This sweet picture…was about as good as it got. :) How cute is Audrey’s expression? I got Tryp to sit still for longer than 2 seconds. Tryp smiled in the second picture but Audrey wasn’t looking. I thought this one was the cuter of the two. IMG_6871c

Audrey had no idea what was going on (of course) because she is still a baby. I hope that one day they can look back on this picture and smile. :) Audrey’s first Christmas…the first of many. Audrey’s sleep schedule was all kinds of messed up around Christmas but thank goodness she was still a very happy baby. IMG_6911c

We spent Christmas Eve night with my mother and then with Hank’s family. Christmas Day was not as exciting. Hank had to work and Tryp was gone so it was just me and Miss A. I still enjoy the holiday. This year didn’t quite feel like Christmas and I think it had to do with the warm weather.

What traditions do you have set in place with your kiddos for Christmas? I want to plan for next year. ;)


  1. Looks like a fun holiday for all. You have a beautiful family.

  2. Beautiful pictures. I have no idea what our traditions will look like. Eventually I want to do Christmas at home but this year we travelled for Christmas. Its hard to figure it out when you live away from all your family!