Happy 4 Months Audrey!


Oh my goodness.


I’m three days late posting this and all I have is crummy iPhone pics. My husband knows that I want a new camera for my bday and Christmas…which is coming soon by the way! So let’s see if that helps me take better pictures and blog more. Ha.

Princess Audrey,

You are the cause of the lines on my face. Your smile is so contagious. However, developmentally you are a little behind and that makes mommy worry! You are a cooing machine and have even discovered how to squeal too. Since mommy has started working you seem a little clingy but we’ve had a few bumps this past month. Mommy has gotten strep throat twice, the antibiotic that cures it has been giving you a REALLY BAD upset stomach. So then we have been giving you formula and mommy has been pumping and dumping. Now that we have that out of the way your little nose decides to get congested and you have been having croup like symptoms. I’m just positive that this all will pass soon and you’ll be on the right track.

You hate tummy time. Which means that you are not lifting your head off the ground, lifting yourself into a mini push up, rolling over, or any of the things that most 4 month old babies are doing. You are too cool for that business. Your doctor appointment will be on Thursday at 4:30. I’m eager to see how much you way because you have become a little chunker. It amazes me to see pictures of you when you were teeny tiny. {that is no longer the case}

Miss Independent…IMG_0659

The sarcastic look…Daddy says you get it from me BUT I’m pretty sure you look JUST like him in this picture…hmm….IMG_0666

Sweet sleeping baby…IMG_0668

Hanging with Miss Christy (The babysitter)IMG_0669

How did this get in here? :) Big brother Tryp was Captain America for Halloween. IMG_0670

I’m pretty sure this is her “scary” look…IMG_0648

Another sweet sleeping picture. Daddy sends me a lot of these while I’m working.IMG_0671

Can we just take a minute and look at those cheeks…holy…cow…IMG_0672

She is in charge around here…in case you were wondering…IMG_0673

Either I look like a crazy person or I told her something she didn’t want to hear…IMG_0675

Happy happy baby!IMG_0681

Pile of cuteness…IMG_0682IMG_0684IMG_0686IMG_0687Hanging in the car, eating dinner, in the Wal Mart parking lot…yes, we are THOSE people. IMG_0690

And of course, a mini photo shoot on her four month birthday…IMG_0692IMG_0693IMG_0694IMG_0696IMG_0697IMG_0698

Audrey, sweet heart, we love you. Can’t you tell?

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  1. OH my! Those cheeks!! She is absolutely adorable. Time goes way too fast. Cant believe she is four months. And I realized I forgot to email you back about to birth cards with color info. The color for Sula is tan, light pink and purple and Colt is green, turquoise and orange. It has been awhile, so I totally understand if you are too busy. Hope the doctors appt went well!