Sorry for the lack of blogging lately. There is so much happening in our household. It’s been fabulous.

First off, Miss Audrey turned 3 months on October 12th. I’m WAY behind on blogging about that one so I’m going to skip it and blog about 4 months (in a couple of weeks). Things that have been happening. She is staying awake longer and is such a happy baby (most of the time) but I was started to get worried. She has been struggling with holding her head up on her own. When I try to give her tummy time she just cries. She doesn’t like it OR she is just lazy and doesn’t do a thing. So I decided to google it. (Is that what everyone does??? Please tell me yes!) Well most babies should be able to hold their heads up by 3 months. I did read that pre-term babies can be a few weeks to a month behind. Well, good news is that Miss A has really started to hold her head up on her own this week! It’s so cute to watch too. She is trying so hard. :) She is cooing like crazy and really really loves her daddy. I do have a bunch of iPhone pictures to share but not at this time.

Secondly, I got a teaching job! I feel like it is such a blessing. Meant to be. Perfect. I was able to stay home with my sweet baby girl during those first crucial months. Teaching was something on my mind and heart constantly and I was so eager to get back into the classroom. This opportunity came about (really long and odd story) but I’m going to be teaching 4th grade. I will only have 13 students (be jealous) because the school is super small and in a small rural town. (love it!) I haven’t decided if I will continue to blog about teaching stuff on my personal blog or start a new blog. I think two blogs would be quite a bit to keep up with so I might just stick with blogging about it on here. Sorry for you readers that are not teachers. :)

Third, my amazing husband has been switched from evening shift (2-10 pm) to day shift (6-2am) and it’s been great. He loves it. I love it. Our evenings together as a family are so much nicer and smoother. No stress. This couldn’t have happened at a more perfect time with me getting a job and all. Also, my husband turned 34 on Friday the 21st. I got him a new pair of tennis shoes that he has been wanting (those Nike shoes that simulate bare foot running). I also surprised him at our friends bon fire with a brand new four wheeler. He SO deserves it and has been wanting one for a while (since he sold his other one).

Finally, for Halloween/Fall we decided to visit the pumpkin patch. We will not have Tryp for Halloween so we wanted to do something fun with him. We visited a local place called Farmland Adventures where they had corn mazes, petting zoo, pony rides, and a huge pumpkin patch. I took pictures but my son refused to look at the camera. He was a very busy little guy. Here are a few:

Daddy&AudreyMy amazing guy and our little princess and Tryp’s pumpkin!

TrypMy sweet baby boy who wouldn’t look at the camera. I should have bribed him with something so I could get some good shots.

GraceMy best friend’s little girl, Grace. {Who WOULD look at the camera.}

PumpkinPatchA good look at Farmland Adventures. The kids were running towards the pumpkin patch. :)


I know that I’m going to be pretty busy (with a job and family and all) but I have lots of other cute things to blog about! Happy Fall y’all! (The cooler temps are nice)


  1. yay!! congrats on the teaching job! so happy for you!

  2. So glad to hear things are going great for you guys! :) Your kiddos are just so super cute! :)