Interview with a 3.75-year-old.


I’ve been seeing these cute little ‘Mommy and Me’ interviews floating around pinterest and I am pretty sure that Cara Carroll even did one with her four year old recently. I decided it would be super cute to document what Tryp thinks right now and of course how cute he sounds. (I did my best to write it word for word and exactly how it sounds coming out of his mouth.)IMG_0480

Me: Hey Tryp, mommy is going to ask you some questions, okay?

Tryp: Okay.

Me: What’s your name?

Tryp: T-R-Y-P.

Me: Yes, that’s how you spell your name. Can you tell me your name?

Tryp: T-R-Y-P. TrypDerastusWilliams.

Me: Good job buddy, Tryp Erastus Williams is your whole name.

{Love how he adds a D to his middle name}

Me: How old are you?

Tryp: Uh, Free.IMG_0460

Me: What is your favorite color?

Tryp: My favorite color is blue.

Me: Do you know mommies favorite color?

Tryp: Uh, pink!

Me: That’s right, I like pink! Who is your best friend?

Tryp: Uh, your my best friend.

Me: Awww, your my best friend too baby. What is your favorite animal?

Tryp: My favorite animal is a raffe and your favorite animal is a goat.

Me: {confused} A goat? No, that’s not mommies favorite animal.

Tryp: Yes it is.

Me: No, mommies favorite animals are piggies and zebras. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Tryp: I want to be grow up iron man.

Me: {chuckle} You want to be iron man? Ha, okay! What is your favorite movie?

Tryp: My favorite movie is da beast.

Me: Beauty and the beast?

Tryp: Yes.

Me: That’s one of mommies favorites too. What is your favorite book?

Tryp: Uh Rhino.

Me: Oh, you mean, I Know a Rhino?

Tryp: Yes. Uh Rhino.

Me: That is a good book! What makes you happy?IMG_0465

Tryp: Uh, uh, you make me happy.

Me: I make you happy? Aww, you make me happy too buddy. What makes you sad?

Tryp: {in a sad voice} Uh, you make me sad.

Me: {sad face} I make you sad?

Tryp: Yes, you make me sad when you tellmetocooloffandthenIcangopway.

Me: {chuckle} Oh, you mean when you get in trouble mommy tells you to go sit to cool off and then you can play?

Tryp: Yes.

Me: What’s your favorite thing about mommy?

Tryp: I don’t know.

Me: Do you like when mommy hugs you?

Tryp: No.

Me: Do you like when mommy kisses you?

Tryp: No.IMG_0464

Me: Do you like when mommy talks to you?

Tryp: Yes!

Me: Are you scared of anything?

Tryp: Yes, uh, bed.

Me: What do you like to sleep with at night?

Tryp: I wike to sleep da spidermans.IMG_0463

Me: What is your most favorite food to eat?

Tryp: My favorite fing is my chicken and frent fries and go at da pawk.

Me: Oh, yes, how could we forget about the park?What is your favorite restaurant? Where do you like to go to eat?

Tryp: I like to go eat da chicken and frent fries and go play in da pawk.

Me: Yes I know hunnie. Where at?

Tryp: Uh, McDonalds.IMG_0462

Me: What is your favorite song to sing?

Tryp: My favorite song is…my favorite moosic is…bamble bee.

Me: That is a good song! What game do you like to play?

Tryp: My favorite game is da bull.

Me: Yes, you like the angry bull game on mommies phone. Do you like any other games?

Tryp: Uh, spider man.

Me: You mean the spider man matching game?

Tryp: Yes.

Me: Do you want mommy to stop asking you questions?

Tryp: No, I want you keep talking about my food.

Me: {laughs} Okay, can you write your name for me?

Tryp: Yes.IMG_0508

Tryp. My dear son. You are full of life. Full of energy. Such a little stinker! You make me laugh daily and I can’t image life without you in it. I hope that you know how much I love you sweet boy. IMG_0481