Happy Two Months, Audrey!


Oh my goodness. Part of me is wondering how it has already been two months, it’s going too quickly. The other part of me is feeling like you have been with us a lifetime! :)


{We love those little lips and that button nose}

Your doctor appointment isn’t until next week so I can’t post your weight and length but let’s just say you are starting to be a little chunker. You are still in newborn clothes and newborn diapers but both are getting super tight.


You are still a great baby but you have started to have moments of fussiness. See Exhibit A. But mostly we are starting to enjoy the new look. See Exhibit B.


Exhibit A:IMG_5681c

Exhibit B:


You had your first -real- bath on August 21st. You really enjoyed it and we enjoyed it because it wasn’t just a wash cloth rub down bath. Daddy insists on you being clean all the time so he is always the one giving you baths. I think I’ve only given you one to date. Of course I do help him out getting things gathered and drying you off, etc.


You finally lost your umbilical stump on September 7th. We thought it was never going to come off. (On August 31st we had to take you back to Dr. Harvey so he could put some more drying out medicine on it and then take a special string to tie it off under the hardened part) We are beyond happy that little booger decided to hit the road. (or fall off…)


{Such a sweetheart and we are lovin’ chubby cheeks!}



You are still nursing away and definitely going to be quite the eater. Right now you are eating every three hours and when you have to eat expressed milk in a bottle you will down 5-6oz. Gotta fill that tank. :) We have been working on giving you a pacifier so that you don’t use me as one. You will sometimes take it, depends on how tired you are. Speaking of sleep…the past few days have been fabulous. You are still struggling with falling asleep but we are going to worry about breaking bad habits later. (In a few months) We are not ready to let you CIO.

We can’t get over how absolutely adorable you are! You are precious and we love you! {I will come back and post your two month stats after next week.}

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