Birth Stats Wall Art


These have been floating around Etsy…

Is that e long or short? Sorry but the teacher in me is dying to know. I always pronounce it both ways just in case.

I digress…

I decided to go ahead and make my own. It was super easy.

Honestly, there are some really cute ones out there and not to brag but I have the digital skills to make what you see out there on Etsy. People are charging $18-35 for these things, in my opinion, is outrageous. I just opened up PowerPoint and started having fun. I have more elaborate fonts but I wanted something simple that would be easy to read. I made one for my son, Trooper Pooper and one for our newest addition, Miss Mayne or Miss A (that’s what we call them).

I am definitely open to making more of them for anyone who is interested. (I wouldn’t even charge anything…unless I became popular and got tons of requests…ha-ha…yeah right.) Enjoy y’all.


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  1. These are great!! I would so pay for something like this.