Birth Stats Wall Art


These have been floating around Etsy…

Is that e long or short? Sorry but the teacher in me is dying to know. I always pronounce it both ways just in case.

I digress…

I decided to go ahead and make my own. It was super easy.

Honestly, there are some really cute ones out there and not to brag but I have the digital skills to make what you see out there on Etsy. People are charging $18-35 for these things, in my opinion, is outrageous. I just opened up PowerPoint and started having fun. I have more elaborate fonts but I wanted something simple that would be easy to read. I made one for my son, Trooper Pooper and one for our newest addition, Miss Mayne or Miss A (that’s what we call them).

I am definitely open to making more of them for anyone who is interested. (I wouldn’t even charge anything…unless I became popular and got tons of requests…ha-ha…yeah right.) Enjoy y’all.


Audrey’s 2 Month Appointment- Update!


Audrey had her doctor appointment on Tuesday. Hubs and I decided to make guesses about her weight the night before. He guessed that she was up to 10 lbs. 1 oz.. but I guess that she was at least 11 lbs. already. Well…I was right (as usual! ha-ha) She weighed 11 lbs. 1 oz. and she was 22 in. long. I can’t believe how big she has gotten. She has pretty much caught up to a full term baby. She took her shots like a champ!

She has been smiling so much lately and we love it. Today I even heard her cooing at her GG. On the other hand, she is crying. A lot. I know that this is a phase that will probably pass but man o man it’s hard. {At the moment she is sleeping in her bed after a bit of crying…cross your fingers it will last}

On top of having stressful moments with Miss A. Things are tough with Tryp too. He’s a typical 3 (almost 4) year old boy. He’s loud and rough and tough! He stresses me out on top of the stress that Audrey’s crying brings.

This too shall pass.

This too shall pass.

This too shall pass.

There are tough days but I know that there have been and will be even better days!

Interview with a 3.75-year-old.


I’ve been seeing these cute little ‘Mommy and Me’ interviews floating around pinterest and I am pretty sure that Cara Carroll even did one with her four year old recently. I decided it would be super cute to document what Tryp thinks right now and of course how cute he sounds. (I did my best to write it word for word and exactly how it sounds coming out of his mouth.)IMG_0480

Me: Hey Tryp, mommy is going to ask you some questions, okay?

Tryp: Okay.

Me: What’s your name?

Tryp: T-R-Y-P.

Me: Yes, that’s how you spell your name. Can you tell me your name?

Tryp: T-R-Y-P. TrypDerastusWilliams.

Me: Good job buddy, Tryp Erastus Williams is your whole name.

{Love how he adds a D to his middle name}

Me: How old are you?

Tryp: Uh, Free.IMG_0460

Me: What is your favorite color?

Tryp: My favorite color is blue.

Me: Do you know mommies favorite color?

Tryp: Uh, pink!

Me: That’s right, I like pink! Who is your best friend?

Tryp: Uh, your my best friend.

Me: Awww, your my best friend too baby. What is your favorite animal?

Tryp: My favorite animal is a raffe and your favorite animal is a goat.

Me: {confused} A goat? No, that’s not mommies favorite animal.

Tryp: Yes it is.

Me: No, mommies favorite animals are piggies and zebras. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Tryp: I want to be grow up iron man.

Me: {chuckle} You want to be iron man? Ha, okay! What is your favorite movie?

Tryp: My favorite movie is da beast.

Me: Beauty and the beast?

Tryp: Yes.

Me: That’s one of mommies favorites too. What is your favorite book?

Tryp: Uh Rhino.

Me: Oh, you mean, I Know a Rhino?

Tryp: Yes. Uh Rhino.

Me: That is a good book! What makes you happy?IMG_0465

Tryp: Uh, uh, you make me happy.

Me: I make you happy? Aww, you make me happy too buddy. What makes you sad?

Tryp: {in a sad voice} Uh, you make me sad.

Me: {sad face} I make you sad?

Tryp: Yes, you make me sad when you tellmetocooloffandthenIcangopway.

Me: {chuckle} Oh, you mean when you get in trouble mommy tells you to go sit to cool off and then you can play?

Tryp: Yes.

Me: What’s your favorite thing about mommy?

Tryp: I don’t know.

Me: Do you like when mommy hugs you?

Tryp: No.

Me: Do you like when mommy kisses you?

Tryp: No.IMG_0464

Me: Do you like when mommy talks to you?

Tryp: Yes!

Me: Are you scared of anything?

Tryp: Yes, uh, bed.

Me: What do you like to sleep with at night?

Tryp: I wike to sleep da spidermans.IMG_0463

Me: What is your most favorite food to eat?

Tryp: My favorite fing is my chicken and frent fries and go at da pawk.

Me: Oh, yes, how could we forget about the park?What is your favorite restaurant? Where do you like to go to eat?

Tryp: I like to go eat da chicken and frent fries and go play in da pawk.

Me: Yes I know hunnie. Where at?

Tryp: Uh, McDonalds.IMG_0462

Me: What is your favorite song to sing?

Tryp: My favorite song is…my favorite moosic is…bamble bee.

Me: That is a good song! What game do you like to play?

Tryp: My favorite game is da bull.

Me: Yes, you like the angry bull game on mommies phone. Do you like any other games?

Tryp: Uh, spider man.

Me: You mean the spider man matching game?

Tryp: Yes.

Me: Do you want mommy to stop asking you questions?

Tryp: No, I want you keep talking about my food.

Me: {laughs} Okay, can you write your name for me?

Tryp: Yes.IMG_0508

Tryp. My dear son. You are full of life. Full of energy. Such a little stinker! You make me laugh daily and I can’t image life without you in it. I hope that you know how much I love you sweet boy. IMG_0481

Happy Two Months, Audrey!


Oh my goodness. Part of me is wondering how it has already been two months, it’s going too quickly. The other part of me is feeling like you have been with us a lifetime! :)


{We love those little lips and that button nose}

Your doctor appointment isn’t until next week so I can’t post your weight and length but let’s just say you are starting to be a little chunker. You are still in newborn clothes and newborn diapers but both are getting super tight.


You are still a great baby but you have started to have moments of fussiness. See Exhibit A. But mostly we are starting to enjoy the new look. See Exhibit B.


Exhibit A:IMG_5681c

Exhibit B:


You had your first -real- bath on August 21st. You really enjoyed it and we enjoyed it because it wasn’t just a wash cloth rub down bath. Daddy insists on you being clean all the time so he is always the one giving you baths. I think I’ve only given you one to date. Of course I do help him out getting things gathered and drying you off, etc.


You finally lost your umbilical stump on September 7th. We thought it was never going to come off. (On August 31st we had to take you back to Dr. Harvey so he could put some more drying out medicine on it and then take a special string to tie it off under the hardened part) We are beyond happy that little booger decided to hit the road. (or fall off…)


{Such a sweetheart and we are lovin’ chubby cheeks!}



You are still nursing away and definitely going to be quite the eater. Right now you are eating every three hours and when you have to eat expressed milk in a bottle you will down 5-6oz. Gotta fill that tank. :) We have been working on giving you a pacifier so that you don’t use me as one. You will sometimes take it, depends on how tired you are. Speaking of sleep…the past few days have been fabulous. You are still struggling with falling asleep but we are going to worry about breaking bad habits later. (In a few months) We are not ready to let you CIO.

We can’t get over how absolutely adorable you are! You are precious and we love you! {I will come back and post your two month stats after next week.}



I know it’s been a little while since I have posted…here is a quick update.

  • Audrey is 7 weeks old, starting to get fussy (booooo), weighs 9 lbs 8 oz (yay for momma’s milk), and still hasn’t lost her umbilical cord stump thingy (yuck).
  • Tryp is being a typical 3.5 year old boy. Testing the waters. Driving momma crazy.
  • It still hasn’t been too bad adjusting to 2 but as Audrey is getting fussy and Tryp wants my attentions, there are some pretty tough days.
  • I am crazy in love with my husband. (glad that hasn’t changed, lol)
  • Been spending TONS of time with the Nabors and Johnsons. We love our friend families. :)

Audrey is crying so…I’ll post again soon! Bye y’all!