I finished it…


My dear friend Emily at Craziness is Heaven has a love for sunflowers and I offered to make her a new blog header, because 1) I like to practice and 2) I heart her. So here it is…Her new header…What do you think?


In other news, I am officially starting my masters degree next week. I have signed up for 2 courses that I need: Foundations of Literacy and Historical Foundations of Modern Education. I’m excited about the first one…not so much on the second one. Considering going back to school for your Masters? Don’t do it at the U of A…or just be prepared… $1100 for one course. Eeeek. I’m not sure this whole staying home and working on the masters is helping out debt situation. :) I will be subbing on the side (if I get calls) and I recently joined the Scentsy team. (recently as in yesterday) I love the products and I am super excited to be selling something on the side…mainly for fun because I don’t know how much income it will actually bring in. I’m not much of a sales person but I thought I would give it a shot because I need something else to do. (Seriously? As if a newborn, 2 grad classes, and subbing wasn’t enough…I’m nuts.) It is Friday! Happy Weekend y’all!

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  1. yahhh I love it :) it looks great! i also am diggin your new one, so stinking cute!!! you're the best love, thanks again!