Happy One Month Miss Audrey!



Has it really already been a whole month? Time has flown by so quickly but yet it seems like you have been with us forever now.

You turned one month last Friday but I am just now doing a blog post because today you had your one month doctor visit at 9:15 this morning!IMG_5629c

You are up to 8 lbs. 1 oz. now. Your lowest weight was 5 lbs. 9 oz. so you have gained nearly 3 lbs. in just three weeks. Awesome!

You are also now 21 inches long! You started at 17.75 at birth. Your doctor is so proud of your little growth spurt!

You are still in newborn diapers and some newborn clothes. (You quickly out grew preemie clothes.) You still have a ton of cute dresses and clothes that are sized as newborn but are still big and baggy on you.


You are a very vocal baby, Audrey! You grunt and “baaa” like a sheep, a lot! But you also make the cutest little coo’s while you are eating. It’s really pretty darn sweet. Thankfully, you only cry when you are hungry. Speaking of eating…you are doing great nursing every 2-3 hours. You hit a growth spurt around 3 weeks and nursed every hour and a half for a day or so. It was short lived, thank goodness! {I pretty much LOVE your feet. So cute.}


My goodness Audrey, you have yet to understand the love that we all have for you. Your daddy is hooked. I can’t get over your preciousness. Auntie Taylor comes to visit you almost every day on her lunch break. Nana Joyce has been the first person to babysit you. Your GG loves your little sounds. Tryp wants you to play with him and watch movies wit him. Your Granny loves to hold you and squeeze you tight. Your cousins want to hold you and kiss you lots. IMG_5638c

You make the cutest faces while you are sleeping and always smile. You love to straighten out your legs and stick them straight up in the air. It’s quite cute. Some of your nicknames right now are: baby Audrey, princess, sister, baby girl, sweet girl, lil “aud” and baby sheep. IMG_5642c

You still haven’t lost your umbilical cord stump thingy. The doc seems to think it’s okay and you will here within the next few days. We can’t wait to give you a REAL bath instead of washcloth baths. You still look like your daddy 100%. You seriously do not have any of my features…except you do have my pinky toe!

IMG_5640You may be our last child so I’m trying not to wish away time. I get emotional thinking I will never get to have another itty bitty but then I think about how much we went through just to get you here. That helps me remember that I don’t want to have another risky pregnancy. You are such an amazing baby that I could have several more of you. You are such a blessing. We love you princess!

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  1. Can't believe its already been a month! She is beautiful!