Happy One Week Audrey!


You are the most calm baby ever.
{I hope I didn’t just jinx you.}

While we were in the hospital the pediatrician was so pleased with how you were doing. He came in on the day we were to leave and said that you act like you know it all. (Daddy says you get that from me.) You have not acted like a premature baby at all. That makes my heart happy.
IMG_0294       IMG_0207       IMG_0282
You make some of the cutest faces and sounds.
   IMG_0218       IMG_0203       IMG_0200
You hardly ever cry unless you are getting your diaper changed, which I’m sure is just because you are cold. 
            IMG_5599c     IMG_5597c
You discover your thumb when you are hungry.
We all love you so very much and no one can seem to put you down. I’m going to brag and say that I’m doing pretty good at not holding you all the time but your daddy...not so much! (I know what happens to babies who are held all the time...they want to be held all the time.)
 IMG_0226     IMG_0292     IMG_0265
Tryp loves to give you kisses and he thinks every noise you make means you are crying. Today on the way to school Tryp informed us that he didn’t love us, only you.
He only loves you Audrey.
I can’t wait to see the relationship that will form between you two.  IMG_0198
You had your first doctor appointment yesterday.
              IMG_0227               IMG_0229
We found a pediatrician (Dr. Harvey) and we really like him. He looked you over (a tad rough) and said you looked great! You weighed 5 lbs. 9 oz. and were still 17 3/4 in. long. They did a bilirubin test for jaundice and your number was great! We talked about how well you are nursing for a “premature” baby and how preemies will often sneeze and have the hiccups. Guess what? You do! All the time! Sneeze! And have the hiccups! We are taking  you back on Friday to check your weight again and I pray that it goes up to what it needs to so we don’t have to supplement with formula.
We are so blessed to have you here in our lives and have you here so healthy.
IMG_0215         IMG_0297        IMG_0289
I know it’s only been a week but we are crazy about you. In love to be precise.
        IMG_5606c    IMG_5609c
I can’t believe it’s already been a week and we want time to slow down! We love you.
           IMG_5601c      IMG_5610c

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