31 Weeks...let the countdown begin!


How far along - 31 weeks

Maternity clothes - Yes, yes and yes. I also enjoy wearing my husbands t-shirts. :o)

Weight gain - I currently weigh 152. That puts me at gaining 24 lbs. I gained 40 with Tryp so I think I'm doing pretty darn good. If they take her at 37 weeks and I continue to gain the normal 1 lb a week than we are looking at only 30 lbs total. Yay!

Stretch marks - None that are new, the ones from Tryp's pregnancy are visible. You know, that silvery color they turn.

Belly button - Definitely out.

Sleep - Some nights are good and some are bad. It's a hit and miss.

Best moment this week - Had a doctor appointment on Tuesday and good news! My cervix hasn't changed at all in 4 weeks. Awesome! We also got to see Audrey's face finally. I will be posting that picture...

Foods I'm loving - Fruit, all kinds. Pineapple, cantaloupe, grapes, etc. In addition to the fruit, I am also craving ice cream. My favorite right now is a hot fudge sundae from Braums with bananas and no nuts. :)

Foods I'm hating - I can't think of anything that I hate. There are moments when things just don't sound good but that happens when you are not pregnant too.

Movement - Very regular. It's starting to hurt now. Some of the kicks are painful but love the feeling still.

Symptoms - Just started having a little hip pain, nothing too serious. A few cramps here and there but nothing to be worried about.

Gender - Our sweet princess Audrey Mayne.

What I'm looking forward to - Meeting her!

What I miss - I'm trying to enjoy being pregnant in case it's my last. Of course there are lots of things I miss but I'm trying not to think too much about them!

Emotions - Haha, I'm very emotional lately. Ask my husband.

As you can see, her arm is in front of her face but the ultrasound tech tried to make it as transparent as possible so we could see details in her face. The curly blur between her leg and her face is the umbilical cord. We think she has her daddy's nose. :o)

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  1. yahoo!!! love the update! so glad you're doing well and Miss Audrey too. I cannot wait to be home in July and meet her!!