I'm excited!!


This is the dress that I just ordered this evening....for my baby shower! June 5th! I think it's the perfect summer dress, it's flowy for a big o' belly and it's pink for our baby girl! Maybe I'm toooo excited about a dress but finding cute clothes gets tough when you're pregnant. Just thought I would share my excitement with y'all. :)

I'm feeling great and really starting to get "big". I'll have Hank take a 28 week picture this week and I'll do my best to remember to post it. Last week at my appointment my cervix had shortened to 2.17cm which is gradually getting shorter but nothing too alarming, yet. I just hope we can get to at least 34/35 weeks. Which is just a month and half away. :) I can't wait to meet this sweet angel.

Nothing on the job situation. It was and still is a tough decision. I wanted to stay home but Hank and I would like to buy land and if I stay home we won't be moving towards getting land and house any time soon. I also don't want to stop teaching for a year, so much happens in the education world in one year. I have such a strong passion for teaching that I definitely am looking forward to working, even with a teeny tiny newborn at home. I have some things in the works so I'll let you know if something comes about.

On another note Tryp has strep throat and he doesn't realize that he's contagious. :( He still wants kisses and it's hard to resist those sweet three year old sugars! We are just hoping we don't get sick too.

Wordless Wednesday


Audrey is moving ALL the time! This video is pretty crazy but you get the idea of what I am feeling. :)
(**This is not me and/or Audrey, just a video I found!**)