24 Weeks- VIABILITY!


What a huge blessing.

My first goal was to make it to 24 weeks with this sweet baby girl. I am proud to say that 24 weeks occured on Thursday which means she can officially live outside the womb if necessary. (with lots of help from NICU of course)

I saw my doctor on Tuesday ( I wasn't quite 24 weeks at that point) and she checked Audrey's heartbeat which was fabulous. ;) She scheduled an ultrasound for Thursday to check on my cervical length and scheduled my first steroid shot. My second shot followed on Friday.

My cervical length has not changed any which is good and bad. It's good because it hasn't gotten shorter but it's still short and there is still concern. I had an amazing nurse giving me the steroid shots (not my normal nurse). This nurse has been through the SAME thing that I'm going through. She was "coaching" me through the shots because a) I don't like needles and b) the steroid medicine really really really BURNS! She shared some fabulous information with me. She said she had her last child (who I think was a girl as well) at 34 weeks and she was perfectly healthy. The steroids had developed her lungs enough, she didn't have to go to NICU, she struggled nursing her for the first few days but she finally figured it out. To hear all this was music to my ears. If for some reason I have her a tad early...I'm feeling VERY positive about it!  (I'm thinking I'll be making it pretty close to the end with the way my body has been responding to the bed rest) Which by the way I am proud to report that I am no longer on strict bedrest. I am on "modified bedrest" which means that I can get up and move around but still need to be resting too. My doctor doesn't want me working because I could be up too much. I just have to watch how my body respond to being up. YAY!

Here is a picture of our sweet angel Audrey. She is either really shy like I was as a little girl OR she didn't want her picture taken without her hair and make up done. :) Here she is...

Isn't she precious? I am amazed how technology works! She currently weighs 1 1/2 lbs. The ultrasound tech had me turn, gave her some nudges and nothing would work, she would NOT uncover her face. That's okay, she's waiting to surprise us later. I do have another ultrasound scheduled for next Friday to check my cervical length again I guess. I will see my doctor at 26 weeks. I will update you then too. Hubs is supposed to take a belly picture today at some point so I will try to add that later. (I know I know, you were probably getting excited thinking about seeing my husband's belly right? Well I actually mean mine!)

Other news...
I had a teaching interview yesterday. I feel like it went REALLY well. It was a very comfortable interview and I hope they think that I have what it takes to be a part of their team. I will let you know when I hear something back about it. I know that if it's God's plan that it will happen. :o)

It is so much easier to take pictures of babies than it is of toddlers or three year old boys anyway. I was actually able to get some shots with one of my friends who is a fabulous photographer. She usually gives me the pictures and then I edit away. I LOVE editing them so I thought I would share a few on here of my sweet precious son...


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  1. I know this was like a week ago, but I just looked at it again. and I'M SO HAPPY Miss Audrey would be okay if anything drastic were to happen. That's such a blessing! Although, I'm still praying she makes it longer :)
    PS-Tryp is freaking adorable. those pictures are great!