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As I was told ... bedrest is the way I need to continue this pregnancy I couldn't help but to be a tad excited about the fact that I could update my blog more, even get more into the blogging world. Then I realized, I have nothing too exciting to post because I can't get up.
-No new pictures of Tryp because he's a three year old boy and we all know that three year old boys are too busy to get their pictures taken.
-No exciting trips anywhere.
-Not a whole lot of crafting going on but my husband has graciously started to bring my tubs of goodies to the bed.

I'm thinking maybe a post a week is about as good as it will get!

New things to share...

1. Hank is  now off of work completely for the month of April. He has accrued about 580 hours of sick time and is able to take off the month under FMLA. Thank goodness because it has been a nightmare tough to take care of a three year old in the evening when I'm supposed to be on bed rest.
Just because y'all are so curious I just want to add that I have the best huband in the world. He has taken so well to all of this and is literally waiting on me hand and foot. He is a blessing for sure.

2. I am crocheting/knitting in bed so I will hopefully have some pictures to post soon of what I have been working on. :) My husband loves seeing how his spot on the bed has become filled with yarn and tomorow will be filled with ribbon!

3. My students miss me terribly and I've decided to add them on facebook as friends. One thing I told myself I would NEVER do but I made sure that I didn't have anything on there that could jeopardize my job as a teacher and of course I don't and they miss me and I miss them. SO what the heck! They are angels and I am so proud of them for understanding why I can't be with them any more.

4. I am currently reading "I Will Carry You: The Sacred Dance of Grief and Joy" by Angie Smith. It is a very emotional book about Angie who continued carrying a child in her womb even though she had been told that the baby was "incompatible with life". You might be thinking WHY IN THE WORLD ARE YOU READING THAT????? I know it's not the best book to read while going through some of the things that I am going through. I recently saw Angie Smith speak at a women's conference and wanted to read her book even before the conference. You see, Angie Smith has a very popular blog called Bring The Rain. I began reading her blog long ago and never thought I would get to meet someone from the blogging world. She is an amazing Godly woman that appears to have unshakable faith. What I love most about this book so far is that she is just like you and me and struggles in her faith too! This book is about her sweet angel baby Audrey. Hank and I had picked the name Audrey when I was probably 5 weeks pregnant and Angie's story had never entered into my mind. This book will bring you to tears and even have moments of laughter because Angie is hilarious! It is a wonderful book about how her faith in God changed drastically through the experience. Interested? Buy the book here. She also has another book coming out in is the info. I am SO excited to read that one too!

***I just realized that I sound like a sales person in New Things No. 4...I totally am not and I never have been a good sales person but if it's something I love I seem to do a good job "selling it". :)***

5. I ordered another book online on Monday called "One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are" by Ann Voskamp. My cousin Kim and I are going to read this together and I am thrilled to start it! I think I might even do some blog posts about it!

6. I have another doctor appointment on Tuesday (April 5th). Please pray that bed rest has kept my cervix from any more shortening. **A Praise: Bed rest has stopped my bleeding all together!!!**

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  1. Katie- I just found you thru your cousin. I want to let you know that I went thru all you are a year and half ago. I have a beautiful 16 month old girl now. I remember going to the hospital at 23 weeks thinking I couldn't loose her. I delivered at 35 weeks for a whole other reason. Worried the whole time about one thing and then another resulted in her birth.

    Was she a twin? You refer to her as baby b. My oldest son was a twin and we lost the other is why I ask.

    Thinking of you!