Trying to find something positive...


This is totally just a rant but I have to get it out! (Maybe that's the purpose of my blog...ranting!)

So I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I had another post for another day about Baby B growing in my belly. We think it's a she because she is being VERY dramatic. So...

We went in last week at 13 weeks because I was bleeding. (A no-no during pregnancy but can be normal, that's odd.) I found out that I have a hematoma (blood clot) between the placenta and my uterus. The doctor wasn't too concerned she just told me that I would be bleeding and not to worry about it. I really didn't bleed that much. She said she would watch it closely because if it gets too large it can take growing room away from baby.

So today I went in for my original appointment which was set at 14 weeks. 

They didn't do an ultrasound today (which I didn't expect) but I did expect that she would have wanted to see me again at 16 weeks to check on the hematoma. But she wants to see me at 18 weeks. I am okay with that but she didn't schedule an ultrasound at 18 weeks either to check it then. I'm so confused because she said she wanted to monitor it closely.

THEN I was hoping that I would get my ultrasound (gender scan) at 18 weeks but she tells me that the ultrasound tech gets mad if she sees people before 20 weeks. Ugh. So then I try to schedule it for 20 weeks which would be March 22nd and the lady making the appointments schedules it for March 29th. I said, the 29th? and she said Yes, the 29th.
So now I don't get to see the baby until 21 weeks. Ugh.

On top of that. I was told at the very beginning that I would have a scheduled c-section at 38 weeks. I was very excited about this because I am a teacher and my original due date was Aug. 11th and 38 weeks would put the baby being here at the end of July- fabulous for a teacher! So today I'm told it won't be until 39 weeks and they are looking at doing it on August 8th. Ugh.

I'm probably just making a big deal out of a bunch of small stuff but I'm pretty frustrated about it all. I'm going to assume it's because of these lovely hormones.

I know.

I know I know I know! I should be happy that any of this is happening because some women don't even get the opportunity to experience what I am currently going through. I guess I'm just so excited to find out what it is, even though mother's intuition is GIRL GIRL GIRL. I wish I could find something positive and not be bummed about the news I got today. Blah. At least it's Friday.

Looks (sounds) as though we will have school on Monday after two weeks of snow days. We are losing are "long weekend" to make up snow days. No biggie since I just got two weeks off. I just hope they don't take the long weekend in March because I have cousin is getting married and I would like to be there to visit some of my great family!

OH, something positive. I have only gained 1 lb so far and I'm 14 weeks pregnant! I guess that is just my body saying..."you kept 8 lbs of Tryp's baby weight so I'll be nice to you". :)
OH, something else positive. I have 11 followers! I have only had this blog for a month and I have 11 followers. I am SO excited about that! :)

Okay. Night y'all!