I just have to get it out and my blog seems to be the best place to do so.

I hate loathe my husband's job, tonight.

Normally I love that he loves helping people. He's not the normal police officer or the stereotypical police officer. He's sweet and caring and actually likes helping people. He's only "ugly" when you get "ugly". (Thank goodness that rule doesn't apply in our household...I think I would be seeing a side of him that I wouldn't like. Yes, I'm admitting that I've been "ugly". I can't help it and I blame the pregnancy hormones.)

For some reason though, tonight, I really dislike his job. Tryp wanted macaroni and cheese, awesome! Well I start making it and realize that Hank notified me earlier...we are out of milk...for some odd reason we are going through milk like crazy. It wouldn't happen to have anything to do with a million snow days in a row, would it?

On a normal day, he would run quickly to get milk and drop it by the house. Tonight, he can't. The blame really goes to the fact that we have snow every where. Boo. So anyway I hope that Tryp enjoyed milk-less mac n cheese. I didn't touch it.

Rant is over. The end. Done.

Thanks! :) I feel better!


  1. I hear you on the snow! It has been awful here in Nashville! And where can you rant for a minute if not on the blog.

  2. Don't feel alone...I have hated my fiance's job a bunch of times lol