A Blogging Struggle


That title seems strange. Is it a struggle to blog? For me...not really. My struggle is that I have developed a very strong love for blogs and blog stalking.

The end.

Just kidding.

I've seen crafty blogs, blogs about individuals, blogs about teaching (my fav!), blogs about house re-do's, etc. and as I thought about my newly developed blog about "The Brockmeyer Family" I realized...who wants to read about some family they don't know? My family isn't THAT exciting...well it is to me but you know what I mean. So I thought about blogging about teaching because those seem to be my favorite blogs right now. Then I thought...blogging about 6th grade teaching isn't as fun as blogging about 1st or 2nd grade teaching (my current desired grade level). So I thought blogging about crafts and cooking would be fun but I'm really just a follower in those categories. I find other peoples' recipes and craft ideas and I duplicate them. I don't create something new. So that blog was out.

So as I'm reading about using photoshop on The Pioneer Woman I start to venture around her website. She's amazing by the way. I found this wonderful post. It's a post about things that the pioneer woman (Ree) has learned from blogging. My favorite is #3-

3. Be varied.
Change things up.
Offer a smorgasbord of content.
Unless you’re, say, a fashion blog.
And in that case, you should probably continue to blog about fashion.
But never blog about the same top twice!

It helped me to realize that I don't have to stick to one topic. So there it is. My struggle is no longer a struggle. I am going to blog about EVERYTHING. The crafts I copy, the recipes I cook, my son being a terrible 3, this baby on the way (that has to be a girl with all the drama she has caused already-another post), my goofy fun loving (police officer) husband, my teaching adventures, and so so so much more. It makes me happy. I would like to change my blog title to say something other than The Brockmeyer Family because it's really more about me and my experiences with my family. Any suggestions?


  1. I know exactly what you mean! I started wondering in what direction my blog should go...It was like I got caught up in all the "How to make your blog more successful" hoopla...I wasn't happy,;I quit blogging.Now, I just write when and what I want.To you, I say "Brava!!!"

  2. haha, those were my thoughts exactly...well maybe not exactly since I didn't really think about blogging about teaching and I don't have any kids! I actually have two blogs since I always seemed to stick to two themes but now I'm considering doing away with one and just combining them!