Blog Stalking


Is this normal? I have become obsessed  fascinated with drooling over looking at amazing blogs. Check out my list of "Blogs I Love"  and you can see for yourself that the list keeps getting longer and longer. Everyone out there has so many GREAT ideas! I can't wait to actually try some of them!
All you girls are awesome and are such inspiration.

On a sad note, Tryp was still running a fever Thursday night and his dad took him Friday morning instead of Friday night, in hopes to get him into the doctor. I won't know until Monday night how the little booger is or what the doctor said.

Positive note(s), yesterday and today are beautiful days (which means I won't be on the computer in a few hours). 60 degree weather in January. Awesome. Amazing. I'm ready for spring!
My next appointment is Febuary 9th, which is quickly approaching. Woohoo.
I've just started realizing how quickly my first year of teaching is flying by. It has been a wonderful learning experience and I can't wait to try to switch down to a lower grade. 6th grade content is not as fun as 1st or 2nd grade content. I hope some doors are opened. :)


  1. Hey thanks for commenting on my blog :D

    You teach 6th grade too, huh?! I have a ton of experience with elementary school (after school program, subbing, and tutoring), but I'm just happy and thankful to have found a teaching position. My ideal grade would be 3rd or 4th :) Good luck finding something in the lower grade!!

  2. thanks for the blog link! You have a cute blog as well! Love reading the pregnancy hi lights! :)