Blog Stalking


Is this normal? I have become obsessed  fascinated with drooling over looking at amazing blogs. Check out my list of "Blogs I Love"  and you can see for yourself that the list keeps getting longer and longer. Everyone out there has so many GREAT ideas! I can't wait to actually try some of them!
All you girls are awesome and are such inspiration.

On a sad note, Tryp was still running a fever Thursday night and his dad took him Friday morning instead of Friday night, in hopes to get him into the doctor. I won't know until Monday night how the little booger is or what the doctor said.

Positive note(s), yesterday and today are beautiful days (which means I won't be on the computer in a few hours). 60 degree weather in January. Awesome. Amazing. I'm ready for spring!
My next appointment is Febuary 9th, which is quickly approaching. Woohoo.
I've just started realizing how quickly my first year of teaching is flying by. It has been a wonderful learning experience and I can't wait to try to switch down to a lower grade. 6th grade content is not as fun as 1st or 2nd grade content. I hope some doors are opened. :)

Fevers and Good Food


     Yesterday I picked up Tryper and he was not looking too good and running a fever. Today I am at home with him because he can not go to daycare running a fever. We are hanging around the house and I will hopefully get some cleaning done as well.
     On a positive note, I made some pot roast. I am pretty sure everyone knows how to make pot roast but I found a recipe to follow (for once...) at one of my new favorite blogs. (I have started blog stalking and I L-O-V-E it)  You can find the pot roast recipe here. I didn't take any pictures but it looked and tasted as amazing as the pictures on that blog. :) Thanks to all those wonderful ladies for sharing fabulous recipes.
     I have been struggling with a really tough decision and ultimately it's not really my decision anyway. I know I need to let it go but part of my personality is controlling and planning EVERYTHING. The decision is whether I will stay home when this baby arrives, continue teaching, or just substitute. Each one of those has it's pros and cons and the lists are pretty even because I've mentally listed them. It will be a financial struggle to stay home, will a new principal hire me being pregnant and due at the beginning of the school year and will substituting be enough to pay the bills? It's on my mind all the time and I can't seem to escape it. I know everything will work out the way it is meant to in the end.

Chicken Enchiladas


So I was browsing through some of my cousin's posts on her blog for yummy recipes...I came across this one...Simply Domestic Life: Chicken Enchiladas.
It was the easiest thing to make AND Hank loved it! Tryp wasn't too sure about it but he's 3. (that's the excuse I'm going to use anyway) Thank you Kim for this wonderful dinner!

Getting Started


Where to begin? I have always wanted to start a blog so that one day I can look back and remember all the great things that have happened in life. It's not always easy to remember every detail and I want to! This blog is about my family. We are known as The Brockmeyers.

Let's start with Hank.
This is my sweet sweet husband. Not only is he extremely handsome, he is a wonderful encouraging man. He is supportive of every decision I make and he makes me smile when days are rough. I love him so.

We met through some friends (January 1st 2010) and knew that it was meant to be within a few weeks. We got married on October 8, 2010. It was a very special day and has some significance to it. It is Hank's grandparents anniversary. When Hank's grandfather passed, his grandmother gave him his wedding band. Hank now wears that wedding band as a symbol of our love for each other. It means so much to us to share such a special day together that still holds value for his grandmother.

We are so thrilled to be adding another member to our family in July of this year. We are all hoping for a girl and we currently call her Audrey. We should be finding out for sure that she really is a she sometime at the beginning of March. This is our first picture of our 10 week ultrasound. We love her already!

The really excited big brother to be, Tryp. He's been telling me from the beginning that the baby is a girl. So we will see if he is correct. Here he is on his third birthday! So sweet. I can't believe how much he's grown and when I think about it, it sure has gone by quick. I love him!

I'm really looking forward to updating this blog and keeping up with our future as The Brockmeyers.