New Year’s Resolution


I never really like New Year Resolutions. Why?

Well, generally people make big plans and don’t follow through. I am one of those people. I also think we set too many goals and get overwhelmed.

I am making two resolutions for 2012.  

1. To build a house of love. :)

2. To become healthy and help my family get healthy.

This of course involves several tasks but two goals that I think are attainable.

Most of you may not know that my husband and I don’t even have a house. My sweet darling is the officer on site at the apartments we live in. We get benefits from this of course but we are both ready to have a house of our own to raise our sweet kiddos in.

The other goal…

Honestly, I have always liked to think I’m healthy. I’m not. There are several things I need to do to get this on track. I am going to work harder than ever to help my family and our house become healthy. Wish me luck. ;)

What about you? What are your goals/resolutions for 2012? I’m always curious to see others because they are inspiring. 


Oh and have fun ringing in the new year tonight. :)

Bare with me…


As you can see I am currently working on my blog design. Things will be changing until I get it all situated and I fall in love. Thanks :)

Christmas 2011


As a child, Christmas was my favorite holiday. Not because of Santa or the gifts.

It was my favorite because of the way it made me feel.

I remember picking out a real Christmas tree. Oh, that wonderful smell.

I remember the smell of Christmas candles around the house.

I remember decorating the tree. All that annoying tinsel-y stuff that I would never use now. :)

I remember Kenny G’s Christmas album playing (thanks Mom!)

I remember having an advent calendar from my Grandma Claire every year.

All of those things made me enjoy the season, not just the holiday. My goal now is to help my children feel that same feeling as I once felt. I think it will take a little bit of time but I look forward to setting new traditions.

IMG_6908cWe did our big Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve so that Tryp could spend Christmas Day with his dad. So Santa had to come to our house early. Tryp was so excited to open presents. In fact that’s all he wanted to do. He didn’t even want to play with his toys, he just wanted to keep ripping paper off of presents. He also got sad that he didn’t get to see Santa. I explained to him that Santa came while he was asleep but he kept saying he wanted to see him. :)  IMG_6861c

Hank and I really hope that our kids will grow to understand the true meaning of Christmas. Next year I am going to purchase The Truth in the Tinsel. I think Tryp will be old enough to understand it better. Tryp and I wrote a letter to Santa and he told me to tell Santa that he wanted a Lightning McQueen computer. I had never seen or heard of the Lightning McQueen computer but Santa always pulls through.IMG_6863c

This sweet picture…was about as good as it got. :) How cute is Audrey’s expression? I got Tryp to sit still for longer than 2 seconds. Tryp smiled in the second picture but Audrey wasn’t looking. I thought this one was the cuter of the two. IMG_6871c

Audrey had no idea what was going on (of course) because she is still a baby. I hope that one day they can look back on this picture and smile. :) Audrey’s first Christmas…the first of many. Audrey’s sleep schedule was all kinds of messed up around Christmas but thank goodness she was still a very happy baby. IMG_6911c

We spent Christmas Eve night with my mother and then with Hank’s family. Christmas Day was not as exciting. Hank had to work and Tryp was gone so it was just me and Miss A. I still enjoy the holiday. This year didn’t quite feel like Christmas and I think it had to do with the warm weather.

What traditions do you have set in place with your kiddos for Christmas? I want to plan for next year. ;)

Meal Planning Monday…err…Wednesday



So I am a little late this week.

I’m honestly not very good at keeping up with this when I am back in school and SUPER busy. I am going to try though. For the sake of eating better, being organized, and saving money.

So pretty much all my recipes come from here.

The ones in the chart above from her {Cara Carroll} site are:

Egg Muffins

Taco Stuffed Pasta Shells

Chicken Enchiladas

South Western Chicken Wraps

Happy 5 Months Miss Audrey! (2 weeks late)


Dear Audrey,

You are such a sweet baby. You melt mommy and daddy’s hearts daily. We love every single inch of you and love showering you with sugars.IMG_6740c

You are wearing size 6 month clothes and size 2 diapers. You are quite the little chunker. We just switched you to formula during the day and we are still nursing in the evening and at night. It is really just for comfort because you aren’t really hungry. You now drink 6 oz. of formula with rice cereal mixed in. Yum.IMG_6758c

You love your play mat that your Granny got you at our baby shower. You have really discovered all the hanging toys and love to pull on them. You have started squealing with delight and it’s quite cute. You have figured out how to make a sound. It’s VERY high pitched. :) IMG_6763c

I have been enjoying my 2 week vacation from school –“aka” Christmas Break- and spending lots of time with you. You are always smiling but some how manage to stop the second I pull out any type of camera. Don’t worry, I caught a few yesterday on my phone. IMG_6766c

You love when your daddy counts 1…2…3…pppeeeeshhhheeewww and lifts you in the air. You usually start smiling on 1 or 2 because you know it’s coming. Speaking of your daddy, he is so excited to start making your baby food. He’s crazy in love with you AND his food processor. He can’t wait to start blending up foods and freezing them for you. He is so devoted to your well-being and it’s amazing. We couldn’t ask for a better daddy. IMG_6794c

You are sitting up so good! We bought a mamas and papas chair that is similar to a bumbo (but safer?). You can sit in it so well. I was so worried about you reaching certain milestones because you were premature but you have started doing so much in the last month that I have nothing to worry about!! You are reaching and picking up things. You love to stand and hold your weight when we hold you in a standing position. You smile because you are so proud of yourself! IMG_6797c

Last but not least…you are a thumb sucker. My mind keeps telling me that we will have a hard time breaking you of it later (like when you are 2 or 3 years old) ,but my heart melts when I see you put that little chubby finger in your mouth. It’s so cute! You mean the world to me, your daddy and even big brother Tryp. We love you and love watching you grow.




Tryp’s 4th Birthday


Friday December 16th was Tryp’s 4th birthday. I can’t believe it has already been four whole years since he entered this world. Blows my mind how quickly time flies. Tryp had been talking about his birthday forever. Literally forever. He told me he wanted to have a Captain America birthday and then changed his mind a few times and ended back at Captain America. So that’s what I planned for. I would have gone all out and done a lot more but his birthday (and party) was on the last day of school before Christmas break. Things were all kinds of crazy. Despite the craziness, we had his birthday party at a place in Fayetteville called Boingo Bounce. It’s basically a room full of bounce houses and the kids can run wild. :)IMG_6545c

Tryp was so busy that when I wanted to get a picture it was usually faces like that. He didn’t have time to stop and smile, he had some serious playing to do.


IMG_6530cSo glad that Tryp’s cousins Holly and Hailee were able to come and join the fun!

IMG_6533cDaddy bear and Audrey went down one of the slides. I think Audrey was in shock. :)

IMG_6546cUncle Charlie was like a kid in a candy shop at this place. He had just as much fun as the kids!

IMG_6540cI was thrilled that one of my best friends (who is expecting number 2) was able to come and bring her sweet daughter: Addie. She wore herself out. My sweet friend Taylor Johnson came with her mom and her daughter. Unfortunately, none of them wanted to let me take their picture. :( Oh well, next time I’ll get em!


The party details. One of my very good friends Stephanie McFarlin is an awesome baker. Bakeress? The made these amazing cupcakes. Oh. My. Goodness. I think Hank fell in love again. Thanks Stephanie!!! Here you can see the glittery number four. I love glitter and was so thankful to be able to pull it off but I have a feeling that I won’t be able to next year. {Then I get to do it to Audrey…}

IMG_6562cThe birthday boy started to get a little ornery once we sat down to eat and open gifts. He was being a little toot but I know it was because he was clearly worn out. IMG_6563cI was thankful that I caught him in the blowing out moment. It is perfect!

IMG_6565He was so cute opening presents because I loved seeing him get excited about his new toys. {I can’t wait to see him at Christmas!} We managed to get Tryp to sit for a few pictures. One with him and his GG. The other was with me but it turned out super blurry. Oh well. At least this one turned out… :)IMG_6576c

I honestly don’t know if I could ask for a better little boy. He is usually (if he’s not tired) so sweet and polite and funny. What a sweet sweet blessing. I love you Tryper.

Scentsy Giveaway


Hey y’all!

‘Tis the season to be giving…

I’m giving away a Scentsy warmer and Midnight Fig bar over at Erin Branscom’s blog. Go check it out! Click her button below to go straight to the giveaway link!  


Happy 4 Months Audrey!


Oh my goodness.


I’m three days late posting this and all I have is crummy iPhone pics. My husband knows that I want a new camera for my bday and Christmas…which is coming soon by the way! So let’s see if that helps me take better pictures and blog more. Ha.

Princess Audrey,

You are the cause of the lines on my face. Your smile is so contagious. However, developmentally you are a little behind and that makes mommy worry! You are a cooing machine and have even discovered how to squeal too. Since mommy has started working you seem a little clingy but we’ve had a few bumps this past month. Mommy has gotten strep throat twice, the antibiotic that cures it has been giving you a REALLY BAD upset stomach. So then we have been giving you formula and mommy has been pumping and dumping. Now that we have that out of the way your little nose decides to get congested and you have been having croup like symptoms. I’m just positive that this all will pass soon and you’ll be on the right track.

You hate tummy time. Which means that you are not lifting your head off the ground, lifting yourself into a mini push up, rolling over, or any of the things that most 4 month old babies are doing. You are too cool for that business. Your doctor appointment will be on Thursday at 4:30. I’m eager to see how much you way because you have become a little chunker. It amazes me to see pictures of you when you were teeny tiny. {that is no longer the case}

Miss Independent…IMG_0659

The sarcastic look…Daddy says you get it from me BUT I’m pretty sure you look JUST like him in this picture…hmm….IMG_0666

Sweet sleeping baby…IMG_0668

Hanging with Miss Christy (The babysitter)IMG_0669

How did this get in here? :) Big brother Tryp was Captain America for Halloween. IMG_0670

I’m pretty sure this is her “scary” look…IMG_0648

Another sweet sleeping picture. Daddy sends me a lot of these while I’m working.IMG_0671

Can we just take a minute and look at those cheeks…holy…cow…IMG_0672

She is in charge around here…in case you were wondering…IMG_0673

Either I look like a crazy person or I told her something she didn’t want to hear…IMG_0675

Happy happy baby!IMG_0681

Pile of cuteness…IMG_0682IMG_0684IMG_0686IMG_0687Hanging in the car, eating dinner, in the Wal Mart parking lot…yes, we are THOSE people. IMG_0690

And of course, a mini photo shoot on her four month birthday…IMG_0692IMG_0693IMG_0694IMG_0696IMG_0697IMG_0698

Audrey, sweet heart, we love you. Can’t you tell?



Sorry for the lack of blogging lately. There is so much happening in our household. It’s been fabulous.

First off, Miss Audrey turned 3 months on October 12th. I’m WAY behind on blogging about that one so I’m going to skip it and blog about 4 months (in a couple of weeks). Things that have been happening. She is staying awake longer and is such a happy baby (most of the time) but I was started to get worried. She has been struggling with holding her head up on her own. When I try to give her tummy time she just cries. She doesn’t like it OR she is just lazy and doesn’t do a thing. So I decided to google it. (Is that what everyone does??? Please tell me yes!) Well most babies should be able to hold their heads up by 3 months. I did read that pre-term babies can be a few weeks to a month behind. Well, good news is that Miss A has really started to hold her head up on her own this week! It’s so cute to watch too. She is trying so hard. :) She is cooing like crazy and really really loves her daddy. I do have a bunch of iPhone pictures to share but not at this time.

Secondly, I got a teaching job! I feel like it is such a blessing. Meant to be. Perfect. I was able to stay home with my sweet baby girl during those first crucial months. Teaching was something on my mind and heart constantly and I was so eager to get back into the classroom. This opportunity came about (really long and odd story) but I’m going to be teaching 4th grade. I will only have 13 students (be jealous) because the school is super small and in a small rural town. (love it!) I haven’t decided if I will continue to blog about teaching stuff on my personal blog or start a new blog. I think two blogs would be quite a bit to keep up with so I might just stick with blogging about it on here. Sorry for you readers that are not teachers. :)

Third, my amazing husband has been switched from evening shift (2-10 pm) to day shift (6-2am) and it’s been great. He loves it. I love it. Our evenings together as a family are so much nicer and smoother. No stress. This couldn’t have happened at a more perfect time with me getting a job and all. Also, my husband turned 34 on Friday the 21st. I got him a new pair of tennis shoes that he has been wanting (those Nike shoes that simulate bare foot running). I also surprised him at our friends bon fire with a brand new four wheeler. He SO deserves it and has been wanting one for a while (since he sold his other one).

Finally, for Halloween/Fall we decided to visit the pumpkin patch. We will not have Tryp for Halloween so we wanted to do something fun with him. We visited a local place called Farmland Adventures where they had corn mazes, petting zoo, pony rides, and a huge pumpkin patch. I took pictures but my son refused to look at the camera. He was a very busy little guy. Here are a few:

Daddy&AudreyMy amazing guy and our little princess and Tryp’s pumpkin!

TrypMy sweet baby boy who wouldn’t look at the camera. I should have bribed him with something so I could get some good shots.

GraceMy best friend’s little girl, Grace. {Who WOULD look at the camera.}

PumpkinPatchA good look at Farmland Adventures. The kids were running towards the pumpkin patch. :)


I know that I’m going to be pretty busy (with a job and family and all) but I have lots of other cute things to blog about! Happy Fall y’all! (The cooler temps are nice)