Why I Believe

Jesus at Jerusalem

Thirty-three years was all He needed

to live on this earth.

To change our lives forever.

To show us our greater worth.

Though He was hated by those who saw His hands heal.

I know His perfect love reaches out still.


He is why I believe.

He is why I’m free.

He is the one who can strengthen me when I am weak.

He is why I have hope.

He’s everything good I know.

He’s why my sins can be as white as the snow.

He is why.


Three days was all He needed

And He rose from the dead.

Our Savior who was mocked and spit upon

Took up His own bed.

And  He lives just as sure as you and I breathe.

And He’s suffered for each one of us individually.


He is why I believe.

He is why I sing.

He is the sun at noonday that gives light to everything.

He is why I have hope.

He’s everything good I know.

He’s why my sins can  be as white as the snow.

He is why.


I used to be so much different.

My heart’s not always right where it should be

But I’ve felt the Savior’s power to change my soul inside.

And I know there’s a way back because He died.


He is why I believe.

He is why I sing.

He is the sun at noonday that gives light to everything.

He is why I have hope.

He’s everything good I know.

He’s why my sins can be white as the snow.

He is why.



Why I Believe by Nicole Sheahan


What Would a Holy Woman Do?


I read this book a few months ago and LOVED it. I could totally relate with Wendy Nelson.

“The concept of holiness seemed so lofty, so impossible. Holiness? Me? What did holiness even mean? I know that “holiness” was not a word I used a lot.”

She gives tons of examples to help her friends think about the challenge she presents to them about being a holy woman for three days.

How would a holy woman start her day?

How would a holy woman approach a difficult assignment?

How would a holy woman handle a conflict or avoid a conflict?

How would a holy woman respond to her own success or failure?

How would she prepare to partake of the sacrament each Sunday?

How would she talk with a friend, or shop, or play, or pray, or do laundry?

When someone asks me for a good book to read, this is my go to response! I highly recommend this book to make you think about your role as a daughter of our Heavenly Father. This book is also very edifying, to see that we are all women and we all have struggles. However, this book shows several examples about how we can handle things differently, like a holy woman would do. Check it out HERE.

YW Personal Progress: The Atonement of Jesus Christ

For the Young Women, this month is focused on the atonement of Jesus Christ. As a Personal Progress advisor I have been trying to find ways to be more pro-active in getting the girls to think about Personal Progress. This month I decided that I would go to website focused on the lessons and figure out which experiences could be met through this months topic. Lucky me, someone else is a step ahead of me. So I basically just typed it up into posters to display for the girls for the month of March.

If you want to download these files click HERE. I hope that others will find this helpful!:)

Reading Test Prep- PRESTO!

It is about that time to start getting our kids reading for testing. No, I don’t believe in teaching to the test. However, I think we are silly not to prepare them at all. That’s why I’ve started doing “Test Prep Tuesday” and yesterday we created this anchor chart that I found somewhere on Pinterest. I did change it up a little based on what I think my students should do. I knew that I needed to make it cute too.:)I love all things cutesy.


Click HERE to download this poster for FREE.:)

Character Words


Last school year I began my journey in a new grade AND a new district. At my school we would focus every week on a new character word. (Now it’s a monthly word instead.) I used to think that it was annoying and just another thing for kids to think about. This year I feel differently about it. Maybe it’s because of the change from weekly to monthly but now I love the character word!  I try to incorporate it into lesson plans and just every day classroom talk. I have realized  how important these character words are in trying to help build these little people up into adults.

So I decided to take all the words that our school used last year and make them cutesy for my classroom. Obviously we don’t use all of them because we don’t do weekly anymore but I can still use them when teaching character traits at the beginning of the year in our literacy units!  Every month the character word is on display on the board and our daily announcements include the character word for the month.

photo (1).JPG

You can find the character words at my TPT shop or you can click the image below to take you there!